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Siding is the protective layer that separates the building's structure and interior from exterior elements, such as weather and sound. The type of siding you choose will set the tone for the look of your new Summerwood garden shed, small cabin, or garage. We offer a range of siding options to meet all styles and tastes.

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Siding Choices

Choose our Canexel siding or one of many cedar siding options. Canexel is a maintenance free material that comes in 17 vibrant colours and is often paired with our white Versatex trim package. We also offer a variety of cedar siding choices. Our cedar "channel" siding is available in both a "planed" or "rough" finish and may be installed horizontally or vertically. We also offer the distinctive look of cedar shingle siding, clear cedar T & G, and for that rustic feel, an attractive cedar log siding.

A word on cedar...

For timeless appeal, a Canadian western red cedar siding may be a good choice. With its richness of grain, texture and colour, western red cedar siding is the perfect complement for our outdoor designs.

Cabin materials Cedar Channel Siding SummerwoodCedar Channel Siding

Cedar channel siding is one of our most popular siding choices. The profile of each board partially overlaps that of the board next to it, creating a channel that gives shadow line effects. This pattern provides excellent weather protection and allows for dimensional movement. Channel siding comes in different sizes. The channel siding we use has a width of 8", with a dressed width of 7 1/8", and an exposed width of 6 3/8"

Uses: Exterior Siding, Bar Ceilings, Ceiling Finish, Interior Wall Finish, Shed Door Cladding

Cedar Channel Siding Profile

Cabin materials Cedar Channel Siding Profile Summerwood

Cabin materials Cedar Log Cabin Siding SummerwoodCedar Log Cabin Siding

To add a rustic touch to your Summerwood product, choose the warm appeal of log siding. Made from Western red cedar (details above), it offers a look that's truly distinct. We use a log siding that is 2 x 8 and a grade of custom knotty and better. When milled, the knots create that special rustic effect.

Uses: Exterior Siding, Interior Wall Finish

Cedar Log Cabin Siding Profile

Cabin materials Cedar Log Cabin Siding Profile Summerwood

Note: Our Enhanced Siding Package must be added with the log siding application to ensure a proper nailing surface.

As with all of our materials, we only buy siding from companies which engage in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. We are very committed to preserving the environment.

Cabin materials Clear T&G Cedar Siding Summerwood4” & 6” Clear T&G Cedar Siding

The 3” Clear T&G Cedar siding option offers a clean sleek knot free look available in a slim 3” profile.

Uses: Exterior Siding, Interior Wall Finish

Clear T&G Cedar Siding Profile

Cabin materials Cedar Shingle Siding SummerwoodCedar Shingle Siding

The natural colour and grain of western red cedar shingles transform a structure into a work of art. They give each angle drama and create an expression of unmatched quality and timeless appeal. Cedar shingles not only outlast trends in style but other building materials as well. Cedar shingled siding is an excellent choice for a long lasting look of beauty.

We use #2 Perfection Western red cedar shingles. They are 18" in length and 7/16" thick. They have limited knots and must have a minimum of 11" clear cedar. There is usually 4" of standard exposure but you may choose a different dimension based on style preferences.

Uses: Exterior Siding

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Cedar Shingle Siding Profile

Cabin materials Cedar Shingle Siding Profile Summerwood

Note: To provide a nailing surface for the shingles, the walls are clad with a 7/16" OSB (oriented strand board) sheathing.

While we offer a number of attractive siding options, if you have a particular style or material in mind please let us know and we will do our best to make it work.

Cabin materials Siparila (Coated Wood) SummerwoodSiparila (Coated Wood)

Natural tones with extreme durability, Siparila siding is a maintenance-free coated wood product. With an end-matched profile designed to hide fasteners, Siparila is a stunning siding that fits beautifully on all buildings - particularly those with a modern edge.

  • Coated on all four sides for complete protection

  • No further treatment needed

  • Long-term durability

  • A flawless, nail-free finish

Available in six beautiful, natural tones:

Cabin materials Cedar Shingle Siding Profile Summerwood

Cabin materials Drift Heat-Processed Spruce SummerwoodDrift (Heat-Processed Spruce)

A premium wood siding product, Drift Spruce Cladding provides the gorgeous aesthetics of reclaimed wood with all the benefits of a processed material. Using a heat and steam processing method, Drift Spruce Cladding is a remarkably durable, rot and moisture-resistant natural product. Oil it to preserve colour or let it age naturally - a beautiful result either way!

  • Achieves the stunning look of reclaimed wood

  • Treated, natural wood product

  • Resistant to moisture, rot, and insects

  • Very low maintenance

Five beautiful tones to choose from:

Cabin materials Cedar Shingle Siding Profile Summerwood

Click here to find out more or request a sample.

Drift Spruce Cladding Siding Profile

Cabin materials Cedar Shingle Siding Profile Summerwood

Cabin materials Canexel Maintenance Free siding SummerwoodCanexel (Maintenance Free)

Tough, sturdy and maintenance-free are trademark qualities of Canexel wood fiber siding. Man-made from compressed wood fibers and combined with natural or synthetic binders, Canexel siding contains five finishing coats that are individually baked at high temperatures.

This process produces the following features:

  • Superior strength and durability

  • Virtually maintenance-free

  • Timeless beauty

  • Colour choice

  • Exceptional Warranty

Uses: Exterior Siding, Interior Wall Finish

Canexel Colour Selector

Choose from a selection of 21 vibrant Canexel colours. Select from the colour chart on the right to change the colours on the building.

See Canexel colours on our product search page to see all the different colours on actual buildings or request a color sample .

Canexel Siding Profile

Cabin Canexel Siding Profile siding Summerwood

Supply Your Own Siding or Cladding

On occasion, our customers will prefer to use a siding material sourced locally. In these situations we can simply clad the walls with plywood sheathing or leave off the siding altogether. If interested, please discuss this option with your sales person at the time of order.